The Fab Collective – Ethical fashion business community in the palm of your hand

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fab collective app launch

The Fab Collective – social media for the sustainable fashion industry

Have you ever stopped to think where you could find a business community to share your experiences, get feedback, and find the information and contacts you need to grow your ethical fashion business or career? Or, where you could post your job openings, read the latest industry news, or promote your upcoming ethical fashion event to the right audience?

There is so much work involved in building and growing a fashion business that it sometimes gets lonely and frustrating, but a new app from The Fab Collective is hoping to change all that.

Founder Alexandra Popov was working with small, emerging fashion brands in Budapest when she realized that many of them were struggling to turn their brands into successful businesses because of a lack of business knowledge, tools, or community. Not long after that realisation she developed the concept of a social networking app connecting the whole sustainable fashion industry, opening the flow of knowledge, and being a catalyst for collaboration throughout the industry.

The app is packed with every feature she thought any sustainable fashion professional would ever need – be they a designer or a boutique owner.

Users can access industry contacts, curated news, event calendars, business tools  and courses, groups, and forums. They can send in-app messages, receive in-app calls, apply for or post job opportunities, make connections, promote their upcoming fashion events and much more in one exclusive app.

The Fab Collective CEO, Alexandra Popov, thinks that ethical fashion players need a better social experience; a safe place where they are free to engage with their industry peers without feeling like their every keystroke is being repackaged in a media kit to sell ad space. Thanks to its ad-free policy you are able to discuss the topic at hand without clutter and posts on other topics getting in the way.

Support the Fab Collective app on Indiegogo

You might ask is The Fab Collective app available in the Apple Store? The good news is that it will be. If you love the sound of this great app, now is the time to show your support. The Fab Collective has just started a crowdfunding campaign to turn their exclusive social networking app idea into reality. Pop over  to for more information and your chance to support this new initiative.

Thanks to Alexandra Popov of The Fab Collective for telling us about her new project.  The Fab Collective needs the help of the ethical fashion community to make this happen! Spread the word!