Why Ethical Style Matters

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why ethical style matters - ethical menswear

Welcome to my rebranded blog Ethical Style Matters.  Why did I decide to change the name? Essentially, I am acknowledging a change in my own interests and trying to make the blog more clearly focussed for you, the reader. The title can be read as a statement or a question and I will deal with both interpretations below.

Why Ethical Style Matters?

I have been blogging for some time under the title The Silver Blade concentrating on affordable menswear for the older man.  More recently my focus has expanded to embrace issues around ethical lifestyle.  Accordingly, I am rebranding to concentrate on blogging about ethical menswear and lifestyle while maintaining the focus on affordability for the ordinary older man.

That explains why I choose the new title but why does ethical style matter?

Why Ethical Style Matters!

I am taking it as a given that style matters.  We live in a world where appearances are important.  What we wear is important.   How we present ourselves is important. It is our way of saying who we are and what we believe in. But more than that, it is a concrete expression of our place in the wider world.

There is no doubt that the world as we know it is under serious threat and that the biggest threat arises from man’s activities.  The byproducts of our consumer society are now a significant influence on the future, if any, of our planet.  Every last thread that we wear was manufactured and every element of the process from origin to eventual disposal impacts on the wider world.  Many people say that there is nothing we can do about this but that is to disregard the fact that every choice we make plays a part, however small, in alleviating or worsening the crisis.

What we spend on what we wear is, for many of us, one of the largest portions of our incomes.  Therefore, by choosing to dress ethically, as well as elegantly, we can ensure that at least some of our income goes to developing a better and fairer world.  All of our choices matter.  How we choose to consume matters.  And that is why ethical style matters. Building your personal style on an ethical foundation is both a statement of your values and a real contribution to improving our world.